Seminars / Special Events

and sunday November 12 & 13

Academy on 111 
3910 Cookeville Hwy
Cookeville, TN 38506

Intro to All Things Critter Games 

Taught by Barn Hunt, Judge Lynsey Fuegner, this Intro Seminar is set up to expose people and pets to the various sports that involve critter finding. This Intro seminar is the first step to joining the UC4 club, which will host regular drop in training sessions to continue to refine your dog’s instincts and skills. 

The $95 dollar fee includes a 3 hour intro seminar and lunch. 



Cane Creek Park
220 CC Camp Road
Cookeville, TN 3850


Cane Creek Park
220 CC Camp Road
Cookeville, TN 3850

Outdoor Adventures w/ Stephanie Miller

Join us for a productive, 2 mile walk around the lake at Cookeville’s own Cane Creek Park. This structured group hike is rated “easy” for terrain, but is sure to give your pup a ton of mental stimulation while stretching their legs. Lots of stops to practice skill sets along the way, this monthly activity is a must for every dog!!

$5/ drop in fee per dog. No pre-registration is required. Instructed by Stephanie Miller.

March 29, 2020

Cummings Mill State Park
390 Cummins Falls Lane
Cookeville, TN 38501

april 26, 2020

Location: TBA

Hiking Adventures

If you want to get out with a group of like minded dog parents, and would enjoy being under the super vision of a trainer to practice obedience skills, and hiking etiquette, we want you to come and join!

The dog must be 9 months or older.

$8 dollar drop in fee (per handler) to join when you show up on the hike, and we are hosting these the last Sunday of every month beginning in March until further notice.

There will be a sign in sheet for every hike, as well as a waiver for your first time hiking with us.

Very hot weather, and storms (lightning) might hinder these adventures on occasion!

Stay in touch with this event page for updates. Each hike is to be determined.

**Prerequisites for the dog** are: 9 months or older, being able to walk on a 4-6 foot leash, some obedience skills, and being neutral or friendly with other dogs (excitement is okay, we will be practicing.)

**Dogs that are very overweight need to start out with losing weight from walks or an easier activity first, and then work up to hiking.**

**Prerequisites for handlers**: an owner that is physically sound and has enough stamina to participate on our hikes (our hikes can very from easy to strenuous, it is up to the handler to make sure they have researched the hiking location)

You are encouraged to bring first aid kits in your backpack(or your dog’s) along with snacks and water. The instructor is certified in Canine First Aid, and will have a kit for both dogs and humans.

Bring bug spray, and wear proper clothing and footwear.

It is important that you bring your dogs on a regular 4-6 foot leash. No flexi’s allowed.

**Students that have previously hiked with Jess (instructor) at least twice during the backpacking class or before this was offered as a training event, are grandfathered in and are welcome to come for free. **

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