Pre-Adoption Application


Pre-Adoption Application

Thank you for inquiring about adopting a dog. This form is generally used by Thunderhawk Canine, but we occasionally allow clients or friends to use it when placing a dog. This is strictly an information gathering tool, and in no way effects liability associated with adopting any dog.

We strive to make the best matches possible, so as much detail as you can give us on this form is appreciated. Each adoption fee is individual to the pet. Also please understand, this is only step one. Upon review, we will be in contact to set up a home visit, meet and greets, etc. Obviously, don't hesitate if you have any questions.

  • Please list the physical address of the person applying to adopt. If mailing address is different from the address that the pet will be residing in, please list both and indicate.
  • Please list all numbers that you can be reached at and preferred availability.
  • Please list all the people who reside at the home, and their ages.
  • Please list ALL other pets (include breed, age, sex, and intact vs neutered) that are currently residing in or around your home. It is fine to paraphrase large quantities (ex. 20 cows in back pasture 🙂 ), but cats, dogs, household rabbits, etc, should all be listed separately.
  • Please list any dogs or cats that are no longer in your home, but have been within the last 10 years. Please also include why they are no longer with you.
  • If you rent, please provide landlord name and contact information so that we may verify pet agreements.
  • Please provide us with more details about visitors (ages, frequency, anticipated interaction with dog...etc)
  • Please describe your anticipated daily routine with this pet. How long do you work? Where will the pet be while you are gone? Where will the pet sleep? Are weekdays different than weekends? Please be as detailed as possible.
  • Please describe the environment where the dog will live? Is the yard fenced? What type of fencing and how much space? If not fenced, how will the dog be contained? Will the dog have full run of the house? or limited? Please be as detailed as you can.
  • Please explain how much exercise and training you anticipate this pet will need, and explain how you will provide for that.
  • Have you trained a dog in any way previously? House hold manners? Tricks? Competition? Did you do this on your own or with assistance? If assisted, please list specific details.
  • Briefly explain your concept/idea of the ideal human/dog relationship or household. What are your opinions on training philosophy, interactions, dynamics, etc.
  • Please list at least 2 people as personal references who give their permission for us to contact them by phone. Please list name, contact number and availability (if applicable).
  • Please list at least one veterinary reference who can attest to the current and past medical care of your pets. If you have never needed a veterinarian, please indicate that and list who you intend to use.
  • How do you plan to research and resolve any training or behavior concerns that could arise?
  • A volunteer would visit your home at a mutually agreeable time.
  • If you answered no to a home visit - please explain.
  • If you answered no to follow up, please explain.
  • Do you have any additional comments or information you would like us to have as we consider your application?

Thank you again for taking the time to give us this valuable information about your home. We will be in touch shortly to gather more info, or update you about the pets adoption status. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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