Sweet Senior Series – Part 2 “Where to Start”

As our pups get older, many changes happen gradually and often go unnoticed. I am a HUGE advocate for  developing a relationship with your veterinary community / hospital and trying to spoil them rotten before you need them in crisis 🙂 Cause you will one day need them in crisis. But also, that relationship opens the door for important conversations.
As our dog’s age, their bodies and brains go through a lot of predictable changes. But like us, they are all individuals in how things progress. Having a good understanding of your dog’s previous baseline bloodwork and bone structure is a great resource. But if you haven’t done that in the past, it doesn’t minimize the importance of knowing what is going on right now.
So the pictured graphic is where I start, and where I ask my clients to. We need to know as much as we possibly can. Annual bloodwork gives insight on organ function. X-rays show arthritis and other structural changes. Did you know that adrenal disease often presents as anxiety symptoms? And also there is a HUGE correlation between pain and stress/anxiety or aggression. Knowing what is happening INSIDE lets us treat the whole dog.
So this Part 2 is really about the FIRST STEP. Get a comprehensive medical work up on your senior dog. No ethical trainer will start making behavior modification suggestions without in-depth insight on your pet’s physical health and condition. And any ethical trainer will want to be a PART of your integrative path, valuing the information from the other parts. If your trainer implies that they know more than your medical professional……yeah, no they don’t 😉 Trust the trainer that your vets are happy to work with, because a comprehensive team will be able to address all aspects of having a dog you LOVE to LIVE with – and is comfortably LOVING living it’s senior years.
Again, we would love to see your Sweet Senior posted on social media with the hashtag  #SweetSeniorSeries. If I may use your dog’s picture in future posts, please let me know.



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