In-Board Training

In-Board Training
“Every interaction is a learning interaction”

Consistency is the number one tool in effective dog training. By having ThunderHawk Canine provide a consistent learning environment for your pet, they experience less confusion and much faster results than at home.  It also allows us to set them up for success – creating circumstances where the right answer is the only obtainable answer, ensuring reward.

The In-Board Dog’s day starts at approximately 6am, and ends at about 9pm. They are worked periodically throughout the day, both individually and in groups. They also receive ample play time with other dogs, or independently, depending on needs and temperament. At night, they are crated or housed in an indoor/outdoor kennel run from 9pm – 6am.

Puppy Head Start Program :
We understand that raising a puppy can be very challenging. The potty training, baby sitting, desire to chew, mouthing, appropriate greetings…..coupled with the busy schedule of work and family, can set the best homes up to be unsuccessful. For this reason, we have begun offering our Puppy Head Start Program. 

This program is for puppies under the age of 16 weeks. During their visit, puppies will be given a foundation of obedience skills, put on a schedule for eating and eliminating, be taught appropriate greeting skills, begin productive socialization, learn that humans are not chew toys, be crate trained, and learn a “place” command for easy management at home. 

Puppy Head Start Graduates receive a reduced rate for our Complete Obedience Program, should they continue their training immediately upon graduating. Graduates of the program are also the only puppies permitted to start the Complete Obedience Program before the age of 16 weeks. The cost of the Puppy Head Start Program is $1200 and includes boarding, training, in-home follow up and platform bed.

Complete Obedience Package:
Our most popular in-board program consists of a 4 week stay and is for dogs 16 weeks and older. This base package includes sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come, loose leash walking, and “place” – performed on and off leash. Greeting skills are also addressed. This package includes the boarding, training, training equipment (including place platform and remote training system) and in-home follow up to ensure results. This guaranteed, all inclusive package has become Thunderhawk’s most popular and successful independent option.  By keeping our price low at $1350 for the complete package, we have been able to help a great number of local and out of state clients.

Why four weeks? We believe that a solid, motivational foundation of skill sets is the fairest and clearest way to train a dog. Weeks one and two are spent on specific word association and high value rewards. Weeks three and four are spent on introducing choices and accountability by gradually increasing distance, distraction and duration. This combination of a motivational teaching foundation, followed by gradually adding variables, allows us to build a confident dog who is happy to work with you. 

Complete Package Add Ons are available to clients who wish to increase the skill sets taught to their dog while they stay. Don’t see something that you would like addressed? Let us know. Goals of each add on will discussed on a case by case basis.

    • Managing Aggression – aggressive behavior is communication. That said, it is often dangerous communication that requires in depth modification.  This program is for the owner looking to manage aggression problems in their dog. Each aggression case is discussed on a case by case basis, with additional cost starting at $200 to allow for safe, individual handling. 
      Please note – Thunderhawk Canine does not teach  personal protection training in the context of In-Board.
    • Ringing A Bell –  ringing a bell has become a popular skill to help dogs communicated that they need to go outside. This add on teaches the dog to move the bell on command, and begins to introduce the dog to the concept that the bell causes the door to open. The actual pairing of the bell to potty behavior is something that is implemented with owners, through follow ups, once the dog is at home.  Add on price $100
    • AKC Canine Good Citizen / Therapy Dog Prep Packageby adding this package, we will work your dog on the formal aspects required for the AKC CGC or Therapy Dog testing through Therapy Dogs International. Additional Skills will include formal greeting, exam, leave it and supervised separation. Add on price $200.
    • Service Dog Prep – this additional group of skills will include obedience behaviors that will be helpful to the Service Dog. It will include brace, tuck in, and under. These behaviors will assist in public access. It does not guarantee the suitability of a dog as a Service Dog, nor are these tasks considered Service Dog Tasks as dictated by the ADA. Add on price $200.
    • Conformation Stacking and Gaiting – Let us help you prepare your dog for the show ring by introducing appropriate gaiting, turns and stacking. Add on price $150
    • Introduction to K9 Nosework – Nosework is a relatively new, fun sport that can give every pet dog a “job” and stimulate their minds. Using easily obtainable, competition based odors, the carry over to home is easy. Want it functional? Lets find your keys 🙂 Add on price $200
    • Tracking/Trailing Whether you are looking for footstep tracking or functional airscent trailing, we are happy to help you lay your foundation. Add on price $300.   

In-Board Training at the daily rate of $55 per day can be used for a shorter duration to address specific skills. Pre-evaluation is required to create a training plan before intake. Training during shorter duration can include a motivation foundation to many behaviors, or in depth training of just one or two. A discharge private training session is included with the daily in-board rate to ensure you know how to maintain and continue your pet’s progress. The daily in-board program is an excellent way to make your vacations productive for your pet too. 

Whether you are looking for a complete obedience package, or just some educational time while your family vacations, every dog thrives in the In-Board Training Program!





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