Private Sessions / Clinical Behavior Consultations


The trainers at Thunderhawk Canine are happy to meet with you, in a one on one format, to assist with any of your training needs. Whether at our facility, in your home, or on location in parks or restaurants, we are here to help you achieve your goals. 


Private Sessions
During a private session, you have the trainer’s time devoted to you and your dog(s) for that session. We don’t charge for multiple animals, and we don’t change the price based on the issue you are dealing with. Following is a brief description of the variety of topics we address through private training, though we are happy to accommodate your unique needs. Appointments at the kennel are just $45/session and off site begin at $60/session*.

All you need to do is schedule your appointment, and meet your trainer. Bring your leash and collar, and some high value rewards, and you will be walked through everything else. Some clients find it helpful to bring something to write on so that notes can be taken for follow up. We cover a lot of material in a very short time!

Sessions conducted at our facility are available on Wednesdays, the second and fourth Friday, and the first and third Saturday of every month. Off site appointments are available on Tuesday afternoon or evenings and are restricted to an approximate 35 mile radius of Thunderhawk Canine.

Basic / Advanced Obedience
Any level of obedience is, of course, always available through private sessions. We will walk you through the steps of our training methods – introduce skill sets in a motivational way, then gradually introduce distance, distraction and duration at a level to push your dog’s threshold, but ensure success for both dog and owner.

Problem Behavior Consultations
Christie Faccinto’s experience and education in clinical behavior sets Thunderhawk apart from others. Having handled behavior referrals, taught veterinary in-services, and lectured at the Michigan Veterinary Conference, she is well adept at breaking down behavior problems and helping clients create a plan of action to success. Christie also has a strong knowledge of behavior modification medication, and a working relationship with many Middle Tennessee Veterinarians, so calibration is typically possible to give your pet exactly what it needs. 

Therapy / Emotional Support Dog / Service Dog
Please read our Article on the differences between a Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Dog, and a Service Dog before scheduling an appointment. Given the unique needs of each dog/handler team, all Emotional Support Dog and Service Dog Training is done via private session. Therapy Dog training can be completed through group classes as well as private sessions. 

Specialty Training – Nosework/ Tracking/ Etc
If you need it, we can likely do it 🙂 If there is an activity that you are interested in exploring with your dog, our team can help you break down the nuances to success. All specialty training is handled in private sessions to address your unique needs. 

Personal Protection and Protection Sports
Thunderhawk Canine is pleased to host Adrian Harwood for protection training sessions! In order to offer exceptional services fulfilling all of our client needs, Adrian will be seeing clients every other Friday from 2pm until finished. Appointments will be blocked in increments. Cost is $30/dog/30 minutes – typically split into two 15 minute sessions. Protection training is hosted outside, so please come dressed for the weather. Time frames can be requested online here, via our facebook page, 

All dogs participating in protection training at Thunderhawk Canine must complete a temperament evaluation and demonstration of solid obedience control, and owners must have a clear plan of goals and progression – which we are happy to help you develop. Owners will be required to sign a hold harmless form before participating.

*off site pricing:
$60 for up to 20 driving miles of ThunderHawk Canine’s location.
$70 for up to 30 driving miles.
$80 for up to 40 driving miles.



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