Police K9

Experience the Difference of a ThunderHawk Canine trained dog

DEA #RT0381107 and TN#10646 ThunderHawk has access to Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Marijuana for realistic canine detection training. We never use any pseudo odors! ThunderHawk Canine selects the finest canines for training in narcotics and explosives detection. Whether you need a passive or aggressive response K-9, ThunderHawk Canine can provide the perfect dog for you.The dogs must pass extensive evaluation and testing just to be considered a candidate for work.

ThunderHawk Canine provides this area’s premier apprehension and control training. Our dogs are proven in real world applications, and show that having control on your K9, only enhances the performance of your Police K9 when time comes to finish the job. Whether starting from the beginning or just brushing up for your next certification we can help you succeed. Or get one of our finished dogs and see the difference of a ThunderHawk trained K9.

We stand behind the dogs we place. ThunderHawk Canine provides a variety of canine training disciplines, security/protection services and sale of superior dogs and puppies.

ThunderHawk Canine has teamed up with Northwoods K9 to bring you Dutch Shepherds that are premier level dogs. Most of our dogs are all bred onsite, puppies raised with a second to none foundation. Whether you are looking for top sport candidates or your next police K9, our dogs will stand with the best. We are striving to get rid of the myth that imports are the best dogs.

Nerve, Drive and Trainability rolled into a Non-Handler Aggressive package that will suit the newest or most experienced handler. Your success will only be limited by you.

Police K-9 Handlers School

Included with the cost of any dog is a comprehensive handler course to fully integrate the dog and handler before putting them on the street. This course includes practical exercises as well as lecture on Record Keeping and Report Writing, Basic Odor Theory, Advanced Detection, Canine Case Law, Tactical Building Searches, Tactical Tracking, Canine First Aid and CPR, K-9 Care and Maintenance and many other topics. In-service training and problem solving sessions are offered for the life of the dog.

 We also offer handler training and re-training packages for departments and handlers that have never attended a handler school. Our handler schools are in-depth and affordable. Once completed we offer the same in-service training and problem solving sessions for departments that purchase dogs from other vendors. Handler courses and other instruction can be customized to fit your departmental needs





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